General Conditions of Use for Sailing and Powerboating Groups

All sailing and powerboating groups are required to be accompanied by and to be under the supervision and control of a Senior Instructor authorised by the Centre for the type of activity planned for the visit.

All sailing and powerboating bookings, whether residential or non-residential, include the use as appropriate of the Safety Boats and up to 5 of the Centre’s fleet of Wayfarer dinghies for the period of the booking, to be operated by the authorised Senior Instructor in accordance with RYA Guidelines and with all due accord to the experience and capabilities of those using the boats and to the prevailing and/or possible changes of weather, sea state and tidal conditions.

The Centre is available for sailing and powerboating bookings on a residential basis “Evening to Evening” at weekends as a 48 hour block. During weekdays the Centre is available in 24 hour blocks either “Evening to Evening” or by special arrangement “Lunchtime to Lunchtime”, however if the departure time on the last day is later than the arrival time on the first day, then charges are applicable for all days, i.e. Monday morning to Friday afternoon/evening would count as 5 days.

All residential sailing and powerboating bookings include the use of the Centre for the purpose of instruction, changing, showering, cooking and accommodation.

The Centre is also available for sailing and powerboating bookings during weekdays on a non-residential basis.

Non-residential bookings do not include any overnight accommodation unless arranged in advance and then only for SI’s, instructors and/or other staff and helpers who may need to arrive the evening before to prepare the facilities and additional accommodation charges would then apply.

The visiting group is responsible for the purchase of and payment for sufficient fuel for the Safety boats as is needed for their use during the visit, such that there is no less fuel remaining in the tanks at the end of the visit as there was before the visit.  In particular, the reserve tank on the RIB should always be found full and if any fuel is used from the reserve tank, it shall be topped up by the group at the end of the visit.

The Centre will assume that parental consent has been obtained by the Group Leader for all visitors under 18.  (If required, we can provide you with a copy of our standard consent form.)

The Centre does not hold an Adventurous Activities Licence from AALA and will therefore assume that if the group visiting the Centre includes anyone under 18, the group will, if necessary, already be covered by an existing AALA licence and will provide a copy with their booking form.

For Health and Safety and Insurance reasons, it is necessary that the Group Leader has the names, emergency contact details and any significant medical information, for all persons prior to sailing.

At the end of the visit, the boats must be left stored in accordance with the Centre’s Standard Operating Procedures ready for the next visiting group.

The Centre does not have cleaning or waste disposal services and at the end of the visit, the Centre must be left clean and tidy and all rubbish and recycling taken away in accordance with the Centre’s Standard Operating Procedures ready for the next visiting group.